LV Switchgear Panels

Ex-proof Enclosures

1. Main Distribution Boards

Our MDB's offer hassle-free performance, Long Operational life and are well known for their superior quality, durability, high mechanical strength and perfect finishing.

  • Design verified Power switchgear and Controlgear assembly as per IEC 61439-2 and type tested for internal errors (arc faults) as per IEC 61641

  • Modular sheet steel assembly system with 2 mm thickness and Internal segregation from form 1 to form 4 as per IEC 61439-2 with high level of corrosion resistance

  • Epoxy powder coated to RAL 7032/ RAL 7035 and folded construction for high rigidity

  • Fully type-tested panels up to 7000A (ASTA Certified) in compliance with all major Local & International regulations

  • Form-4 Construction in Fixed form or with Fully withdrawable Outgoing modules.

Ex-proof Enclosures

2. Motor Control centers

The MCC panels comply with Local & International standards and are available with multiple power stabs that help in supporting high capacity industrial motors as per the client specifications.

  • Fully type-tested panels including internal arc fault test

  • Form 2, 3 and 4 types of segregations

  • Form 4 with Fully withdrawable system for Process industries & Critical control systems

  • Busbar rating up to 7000 A

  • Available in fixed and draw out type of design

  • Provision of forced ventilation when required

  • IP ratings up to IP55 for Form-4 & IP65 for Form-2 Panels.

  • Fully front access boards, Front & Rear access boards & Rear access boards available.

  • Fault withstand of up to 50KA for 3 Seconds

Ex-proof Enclosures

3. Intelligent Motor Control Centers

Intelligent Motor Control Center solutions help you to maximize the availability of your plant, making sure that your process runs even in the event of a process stop, SIMOCODE pro enables it to run again.

  • Efficient operation, reduced engineering and integrated safety functions

  • Smooth operation, enhanced monitoring and data transparency

  • Reduced manufacturing time

  • Reduced testing time and integration into the supervisory system

  • Reduced breakdown times as easy replacement of Protection modules

  • Higher levels of communication with field BMS, DCS systems using various communication modes like PROFIBUS, Modbus RTU, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, etc.

Ex-proof Enclosures

4. Capacitor Banks

Capacitor banks are primarily used to improve the power factor in the network. They also improve the voltage stability and reduce network losses. Improving the power factor also means a higher power transmission capability and increased control of the power flow.

  • Form 2 segregation as standard

  • Available in sheet steel enclosures up to IP54

  • Available with or without harmonic filters

  • Capacitor duty special contactors

  • Microcontroller based regulators

  • Top and bottom cable entry options

  • Adequate forced ventilation

  • Available in Type tested & Non-type tested forms

Ex-proof Enclosures

5. Sub main Distribution boards

Sub-main distribution boards meant for the secondary distribution of the Power from Main Boards to Final Distribution boards or Control Panels or End loads.

  • Available in Form 2, 3 and 4

  • Type Tested & Non-Type Tested solutions available

  • Fault withstand 36kA for 1 Second up to 250A and fault withstand of 36kA & 50kA for 1 Second for 400A and above.

  • Floor or wall-mounted with surface mounting options and IP ratings available up to IP 65, upon request with adequate space for cabling

  • Color shade available RAL 7032 / RAL 7035.

  • Panels in compliance with latest international standards and local regulations

Ex-proof Enclosures

6. Starter & Lighting Control Panels

Starter panels for various applications as below:

  • DOL starters

  • Star-delta Starters

  • Soft Starters

  • Control Panels for RO Plants

  • Control Panels for Sewage Treatment plants

  • Control Panels for Desalination Plants

  • Control Panels for Pumping stations

Lighting Control panel for various applications as below:

  • Street Light control panels with 24-hour timer controlled, Photocell controlled or Astronomical timer base

  • Lighting control panels for Domestic applications with Timers

  • Staircase lighting control panels

  • Dimmer control panels for High-end Commercial Projects

  • Stadium Flood light control kiosks

  • Ballast Panels for Stadium lightings

Ex-proof Enclosures

7. Final Distribution boards

A final distribution board (FDB) is an assembly of protective devices, including Isolators, ELCB/RCCBs, MCBs & RCBO/RCDs arranged for the distribution of electrical energy to the final circuits.

  • Form 2 segregation as standard

  • Sheet steel enclosures ranging from 1.2 mm thickness (standard) up to 1.5 mm (special project requirements)

  • Available in row type and pan assembly type upto 125A

  • IP ratings up to IP41

  • Single phase and three phase boards available up to 24 ways

  • Multiple row DB's available up to 6 rows (16 and 24 modules)

  • Floor or wall-mounted with surface and flush-mounting options

  • Panels in compliance with latest international standards and local regulation

  • ASTA certified

Ex-proof Enclosures

8. Variable Frequency drive Panels

A Variable frequency drive (VFD) is used as an energy saving device to save power and offers a cost-effective method to match driver speed load demands and protect the Motors in various industries.

  • Available range from 0.12kW to 1200kW

  • Different models for 1 Ph & 3 Ph Operations

  • VFD Panels with Bypass (DOL or S/D) starters as required

  • Suitable for Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Conveyor belts, Mills, Mixers, Crushers, Agitators and other machining works such as Turning, Milling & Drilling.

  • Modular, flexible drive system for Vector, Servo, VHz, single or multi-axis application custom drive systems with minimum engineering effort

  • Standardized interface, simple plant design and operation with the flexibility to match requirements of a vast array of pre-designed standard options

  • Multiple communication modes suitable for latest communication modules

  • Built in and Stand-alone systems available as per requirement

Ex-proof Enclosures

9. UL rated Auto Transfer switches

We offer a wide selection of automatic transfer switches that provides a safe and efficient means of transferring power from Utility to Generator source or between two Utility supplies.

  • Automatic transfer to a second power supply system in case of power failures

  • Optimum for industrial applications, infrastructure and buildings thanks to large voltage range from 100...690 VUL-L

  • Easy programming via software ATC

  • Monitoring of the main and substitution network, including neutral conductor monitoring

  • Integration in energy management systems via Modbus RTU

  • ATS System with single source Bypass arrangement

  • ATS System with double Bypass Isolation UL rated systems from EATON-USA which is highly recommendable for Critical sites like Hospitals, Hotels, Datacenters, etc.

Ex-proof Enclosures

10. PLC Panels

PLC Control Panels for various automatic purposes can be Designed by us as per the specific requirements. Wide variety of Siemens SIMATIC controllers are used which offers powerful hardware for controlling all types of machines and plants. The capabilities of SIMATIC controllers are constantly being expanded with new functions

  • PLC Panels for Water related works like Pumping stations, RO Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Desalination Plants, etc.

  • PLC Panels for HVAC Projects

  • PLC Panels for Car park ventilation jobs

  • With & without HMI

  • With multiple communication functions to communicate with the field BMS/DCS

  • Programming, Testing at Factory and at Site & Commissioning.

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