MV Switchgear Panels

Ex-proof Enclosures

SIMOPRIME Switchgear, up to 17.5kV and up to 24kV


  • Factory-assembled, Type-tested switchgear according to IEC 62271-200

  • Use of high quality, worldwide available components

  • Design based on Global best practice and 50 years of experience


  • Interlocking’s between high-voltage door and switching devices

  • Rack-in, Rack-out operations of the circuit-breaker truck with high-voltage door closed

  • Metallic, earthed shutters & partitions, partition class: PM (metallic partition)

  • Use of metallic, earthed shutters and partitions between the compartments

  • Highest loss of service continuity of the Switchgear (LSC2B according to IEC 62271-200) during maintenance

  • Internal arc tested design according to IEC 62271-200, 17.5 kV up to 40 kA, 1 s

  • Internal arc tested design according to IEC 62271-200, 24 kV up to 25 kA, 1 s

  • Use of maintenance-free Vacuum circuit breakers

  • Flexibility due to two types of withdrawable unit design

    • Withdrawable (Cassette) type- Available up to 17.5 kV

    • Truck type

  • Safe operation due to High voltage door closed during all switching operations, including emergency manual operations.

Ex-proof Enclosures

SIMOSEC Switchgear, up to 24 kV, Air-Insulated, Extendable

Medium-Voltage Switchgear

Air insulated Medium Voltage Switchgear for secondary distribution. SIMOSEC switchgear is a factory assembled, Type-tested, Three-phase, metal enclosed, indoor switchgear according to IEC 6271200 and GB 3906 for single busbars.

  • Rated short time withstand current up to 25 kA

  • Rated normal current up to 1250 A

  • Up to 24 kV, 25 kA, 1250 A busbar, 1250 A feeder

  • Metal enclosed

  • Single busbar

  • Air insulated technology combined with gas insulated switching functions

  • Factory assembled; routine tested according IEC 62271200

  • Type tested according IEC 62271100, 200

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